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Oculoplasty Treatment

Oculoplastic Surgery is cosmetic and reconstructive procedures on the eyelids, orbit (bones and anatomic structures behind the eyeball) and lacrimal (tear drain) system.

The cavity in the skull that contains the eye is called the orbit formed from parts of frontal, sphenoid, zygomatic, lachrymal, ethmoid, palatine and maxillary bones. Eye doctor plays a role in treating /managing fracture of any of these bones in case of trauma.

Patients of all ages may need Oculoplasty, i.e. eyelid and facial reconstructive surgery for needs purely cosmetic or purely functional. The most advanced and innovative techniques of facial and eyelid surgery for such conditions as excess upper eyelid skin that obstructs vision (bleharoplasty), eyelid ptosis(droopy eyelids), entropion(eyelids that turn in), ectropion(eyelids that turn out), problems of the tear ducts, and thyroid eye disease.